We proudly provide Southern States feeds and offer 10%, 12%, or 14% protein feeds or equine senior depending on the nutritional requirements of the individual horse. Additionally, we grow and make our own orchard grass hay.

We provide full-service care for your horse and offer two boarding options: field board and stable/stall board. Both boarding options include use of all the facilities at Walnut Cove Farm at no additional charge.

Field board service provides your horse with feeding twice per day depending on their individual nutritional needs and offered hay during the winter months twice daily. We “look over” your horse at each feeding.

Stable/stall board provides your horse a 12x12 fully matted box stall and hay and grain twice daily. As with our field boarders, we “look over” your horse twice each day. Stalls are cleaned daily and water and feed buckets are also cleaned daily. Shavings are added to your horse’s stall at least once a week.