Field board at our stable includes use of the ring, trails, wash stall, and tack room. Your horse will be grained twice daily and is provided hay in the winter months twice each day. We change blankets in the winter, rain sheets in the fall, and fly sheets in the summer at no additional charge to our boarders. Walnut Cove Farm offers two large fields, one for mares and one for geldings. Each field has a run-in shed, fresh water, and salt blocks. The cost for this boarding option is $375.00 monthly payable on the first of each month.

Stable/stall board provides your horse with a 12x12 fully matted box stall with a fan in the summer months. Your horse’s stall is cleaned daily as are his feed and water buckets. Blankets, rain sheets, and fly sheets are changed as indicated by the weather at no additional charge to our boarders. As with our field boarders, you have access to all of the facilities offered at Walnut Cove Farm. The cost of this boarding option is $450.00 monthly and is payable on the first of each month.

Each boarding option includes the management holding of your horse for the farriers and the vets at a cost of $25 per horse for each procedure. Our farriers come to the stable twice monthly and the vets on an as needed basis. We are fortunate to be located close to two state of the art equine emergency hospitals who provide our stable with excellent veterinary care. We have great faith in both our farriers and our vets, having a long standing relationship with each.

Additional charges for both boarding options include: farrier services, veterinary care, de-worming, medications, and nutritional supplements. The owner is responsible for the cost of these services.